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with heartfelt intent

Hi! Im Jewels, hopefully we have met.. if not hello! Thank you for coming to heartfelt! I started this little venture over 2 years ago.. My best pal made me a darling blanket when I had my last heart surgery.. She made me realize two things.. 1- you can overcome anything with the love of those around you.. 2-blankets have a healing power.. I am a true believer in love and the power it has, combine that with the power of a good blanket and we can conquer the world... In life there will always be crazy hard times, there will be times that can only be endured with your best pals and best blankets.. We will provide the blankets!! These blankets help pay off my numerous heart surgeries and the bills associate with them.. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed, every surgery has been worth it to have met some of you! Thank you!! My heart is full!