Best intentions..

A word..

hey y’all, I’m Jewels the owner, and crazy behind heartfelt.. I hope that you love your new blankets! I started this venture after multiple open heart surgeries, and numerous additional surgeries thanks to my wonky heart.. There were days when the only comfort I had came from my favorite blankets and amazing tribe..  the tribe that supported me then, supports me now.. from the hand sewn on tags, to the rolling and cutting, I truly couldn’t do it alone.. a world of thanks to them, and to you for keeping my dream alive.. all blankets are sewn right here at home.. they are all named after people that own a part of my heart, or the heart of those who work with me.. I hope they bring you the peace, comfort and soothing bliss we sometimes miss! 

♥️ jewels

All sales are final, and made when ordered.. 

Please allow 7-10 days for shipment..